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Dear Lenders,
Do you remember when verifying a borrower’s assets took days, even weeks? We do, and we’ve got good news for you: those days are over.

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Breezy Registration
Say goodbye to the need for faxing reams of documents. Borrowers receive a notification with their AccountChek™ login.
Approved Reports
Lenders receive a detailed asset report that’s verified. Done and Done!
  • “Trust but Verify…..we can no longer accept paper statements at face value. According to the CFPB’s new QM requirements, we must VERIFY our applicants’ assets, income and monthly payment obligations. Existing procedures are cumbersome, costly, time consuming and subject to human error and fraud. AccountChek not only satisfies CFPB but eliminates fraud and streamlines our processes. Orders get completed in minutes, not days.”
    Mark Hikel, CEO - UPF Services
  • “AccountChek is an easy, cost effective way to obtain real-time financial account verifications and statements direct from the borrower’s financial institutions without human intervention. This allows the lender to virtually eliminate fraud from the bank account verification process, while providing the borrower the confidence that his confidential information is secured, eliminating the need for confidential information being faxed to and from multiple parties.  The flags and alerts in the reports let the verifier focus on those points that need addressing immediately and quickly.”
    Ray Petta, Partner - Platinum Data Solutions
  • “Customer behavior is changing. Expectations are shifting. Technology is accelerating this shift as it alters traditional relationships. Using AccountChek provides me with the necessary information (i.e. Employer, Income, Assets and Deposits) in the beginning stages of the underwriting process that gives me more confidence than ever to fund….every loan application should begin with running AccountChek first.”
    Joe Dahleen, EVP and Head of Mortgage Origination - Elevation Homes, LLC
AccountChek™ is the industry leader in safe and secure instant verifications of assets and deposits, trusted by major lenders, investors and financial institutions.
Accepted by GSEs & Secondary Market Investors
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